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Meet Candice

Shamanic Healer and Activator

I am a Shamanic Healer and Activator practitioner with a background in Shamanic Witchcraft. I am able to combine the two, to help offer my clients ways to remove blockages and have a better connection to their higher self. I have multiple guides, spirits, and tools, so that I am able to communicate with your guides to help either find that next piece of the puzzle, or to help you find a starting point.

Sometimes you need a second set of eyes to put the puzzle pieces together. I am truly honored you would consider me an alley in your personal journey to help in any way that I can with deepest gratitude.


What I Specialize In


Moving Through Obstacles.

Finding your keys on your spiritual path.

Messages from Spirit Guides.

Shamanic Healings and Activations

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Healings to help empower you on this journey.


Each services and experience is specific to the client I am working with. All services are spirit lead and focused on Healing, Wisdom, and Empowerment.


Shamanic Healings and Activations

These services are specific for doing shamanic healings. This is where we remove cords, heal childhood trauma, understand our trauma and start to heal on an energetic level. The activation is the empowerment and key that comes after the healing.


Spirit Guide Connections

Everyone has a spirit guide and usualy multiple. These sessions are to create an introduction and figure out not only who they are, but what they mean to you and how they communicate with you. These sessions also come with messages on why and how they may be helping you at this moment. Some guides are with us for a lifetime while some are only for a short time.


Psychic Readings

All of the services come with an element of psychic readings with them. These sessions are specific for just receiving messages from loved ones, ancestors, and spirit guides. This is more a discussion with a question and answer as I channel and connect to your spiritual team.

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