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There are many different takes on how to deal with protection and magic. In my person opinion, each thing you are protecting and why, will depend on what/how you come about the magick you perform. I am not a huge on being cloaked or hidden when it comes to most protection magic. This is because I find it takes a lot of energy and usually comes from a place of fear. There are times when I will use this type of protection magick. For example: when I am doing a healing on someone who had and abusive partner that they want to get rid, I will cloak myself so that energy from that abusive person comes towards me. But in my everyday life, I want to feel empowered, to feel not alone, and I want to feel like I can protect myself. Hence the creation of my protection spray. I call upon the guardianship of Arch Angel Michael and the flames of Sekhmet. The flames of justice and the wings of angel for flight, to not run but to help you stand your ground, and know you have options if you need it. Wear this earthy citrus scent daily to help you feel safe and secure, and the sparkle to call upon the sun, to shine bright in all your glory.


Made with water, All Spice, dragons blood, orange, red jasper, citrine, and magick.

Protection Spray

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