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Whenever I go into journey space I usually am called to find Athena but never can. That is because I am her priestess and we do not find her but am to walk in embodiment of her.  To be confident, practical, clever, a master of disguises, and a great warrior. These are all tools of her that I use in sacred shape. The ability to shift into any landscapes, to get in and out of hard situations to receive the information that is needed.


It is also why my fetch is a shapeshifter for the birds. He is able to switch between whoever I need that has feathers, Hawk, Crow, Eagle, and Owl. He is all things as I am all things. When I started this path many moons ago it started with the dragons. They are a part of me as I am of them. They are separate from my other creatures but still hold a place in my heart. I am a walking image of her goddess and using the tools to shift and shape who I am and what I am for those in front of me. A solo army of tools and gifts in order to  help as many people and things that I can.


Meet Candice!

Shamanic Healer, Activator, and Psychic


What to Expect

What you can expect in a session:

  • A sacred, safe, and welcoming place for everyone

  • All blockages, obstacles, and doors opened/removed with consent

  • A guided journey so that we are both in the same place energetically

  • Variety of tools and techniques as needed during our session

  • Discussion with your guides and ancestors with the highest integrity

  • Confidentiality for what goes on in your healing/activation

  • Time for discussion and integration with what happened during our session

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