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Deeper Learning of Yourself

Let's dive together into the world of you. This is a sacred container to help you discover you.

  • 1 h
  • Huron Street

Service Description

When you are first starting your path to become the best version of you in a spiritual self, it can be scary. There is so much out there that it is overwhelming. The reason is because this world is experience based. We can all be standing in the same room, watching something and get something different out of it. That is where I can help. First we talk about you, and figure out where you want to start. Then together as a team we go down this path, you as a leader of your own journey. I am just there to give guidance, encouragement, and messages that I receive from spirit. In these sessions we can do anything you need. Validation, Healings, Activations, Research, Exploration, Teachings, and Experiences. The goal of the sessions is to help you lay the foundation for the rest of your journey. This is a six month program meeting once a month for 2 hours each session. I look forward to creating this container with you and your guides.

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