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Call in Yarrow's magic to help banish melancholy from your body, mind, and spirit that has set in and seems immovable. Allow it to be the support or shelter when everything seems to be spinning out of your control, let it help you ground yourself as you re-establish your foundation. Yarrow grounds without holding down, which makes it extremely useful for those looking through the veil, helping to provide clarity and discernment. Part of how it provides this grounding is that it provides protection from enchanting distractions. While in this space of astral projection, meditation, or energy work invoke Yarrow to protect you from psychic attack. When we turn inward, clear our minds of external distraction, we find that the peace of grounding, of getting truly centered comes much easier to us. Turn to Yarrow when you have trouble clearing your mind before a meditation or energy session.


Sold in 3oz sized bag.


Excluding GST/HST
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