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Made with intention and for the purpose of fire gazing to use as a portal to meet with your mermaid guides. The purpose is to either fire gaze into the depths of your heart and release what no longer serves you and what is stopping you from speaking your truth. Or light it while your are having a ritual bath. It is about both spoken and unspoken communication and song. To help you heal and bring forth your own song in harmony with the world around you. To go deep into the waves of yourself to find harmony and balance. These soy based candles are meant to use in 1 hour increments. 


How I fire gaze:


1) Set up sacred space and protections

2) Light the candle and gaze into the flame

3) When called, close your eyes and follow the journey to where it leads you.

4) When complete, follow the flame back fully into body.

5) Thank the guides, messages, and portal your used for their gifts.

6) Snuff out the candle


Made with Soy Wax, Orchard and lily extract, Sea shell, Salt, Pink Himalayan salt, magick.

Mermaid Candle

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