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We have lived many lifetimes and each time we have learned many lessons. The essence of this candle is to go into sacred space and bring forth the knowledge and lessons from past lives into the present. During the integration process you are able to heal and re-remember your life lessons, see where you need to improve and focus on. 


Use this to melt the darkness and the fog from your mind to expose the lunar light inside of you to be the amazing beacon of light.


How I fire gaze:


1) Set up sacred space and protections
2) Light the candle and gaze into the flame
3) When called, close your eyes and follow the journey to where it leads you.
4) When complete, follow the flame back fully into body.
5) Thank the guides, messages, and portal your used for their gifts.
6) Snuff out the candle


Made with Soy Wax, Onyx, Rose hip, Rose, Elderberry, Mugwort, and magick.

Crone's Wisdom Candles

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