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Anxiety Relief: Diffuse clove essential oil during meditation and mental health healing rituals.

Banishing Spells: Boil the whole spice in water for 11 minutes. Forcefully sprinkle the water around your space to banish harmful energies.

Breaking Hexes: Add ground cloves to ground black pepper. Mix well, then dress and burn a black candle.

Cleansing Crystals: Make a decoction from whole cloves and use this water to cleanse your crystal ball or water-soluble crystals.

Courage Spells: Carry three clove buds to fill your aura with courage and strength.

Divination: Drink clove tea before reading tarot cards, pendulums, crystals balls, runes, and more to increase your psychic abilities.

Empathy Spells: Dress a pink candle or light green candle with the ground spice to help people better understand emotions and needs.

Exorcisms: Burn the spice as incense to drive away baneful, harmful energies. This is a great white sage smudge replacement.

Friendship Spells: To keep friendships strong, add one clove for each friend to a pink bag.

Longevity Spells: Enchant and drink clove herbal tea while visualizing yourself as protected, internally and externally.

Love Spells: Steep cloves in wine to add romance to your evening.

Luck Spells: Create a good luck charm by adding cloves, cinnamon, bay, basil, and your favorite good luck herbs to a green sachet bag. Visualize success!

Mental Clarity: Create a personal aromatherapy stick by adding salt and clove oil to a small, glass vial. Open and smell whenever you need a boost of mental clarity.

Money Spells: Add the ground herb to your cinnamon blend in our famous cinnamon money spell to boost its power. You can also dress a green candle in a money candle spell!

Passion: Surround a red candle with 7 whole cloves and burn to add passion to your life.

Psychic Shielding: Carry three whole cloves to increase the strength of your psychic shield.

Protection Spells: Make a decoction from the whole spice and use the water to draw protection sigils on your home.

Stop Gossip: Baked goods always make friends. Bake a spiced cake with cloves, visualizing gossip stopping as you do. Offer the cake as a gift to those who have been gossiping.

Wealth Spells: Sprinkle the ground spice into your wallet to pull wealth into your life.


Sold in 3 weighed grams.


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