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Spiritual Connection: Blue lotus is believed by some to have psychoactive and
mild sedative properties. In ancient cultures, it was used in religious and spiritual
ceremonies to induce a sense of euphoria and altered consciousness. Some
practitioners of modern witchcraft may use it to enhance meditation, divination,
or other spiritual practices.

Divination: Some practitioners may use blue lotus as part of divination rituals. It
is believed to help enhance psychic abilities and facilitate a deeper connection
with the spiritual realm, making it potentially useful for scrying, tarot readings, or
other forms of divination.

Lucid Dreaming: Blue lotus has a reputation for its connection to dreams and
altered states of consciousness. Some practitioners might use it to enhance
dreams, promote lucid dreaming, or for dream interpretation in their magical

Anointing Oils and Potions: Blue lotus extracts or tinctures may be used to
create anointing oils or potions. These could be applied to ritual tools, candles, or
the practitioner themselves as a way to infuse the energy of the blue lotus into a
magical working.

Love and Sex Magic: In some traditions, blue lotus is associated with love and
sexuality. It may be incorporated into spells or rituals focused on enhancing
romantic relationships, promoting sensuality, or attracting a romantic partner.


Sold in 3oz bag.

Blue Lotus

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