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One of the shamanic practices for healing generational trauma, is sitting down with your ancestors at the kitchen table in journey space to hear their stories, their pain, and to have everyone involved having their say. Then working through that pain, why it is no longer necessary, what can change and healing it as called. That is the essence of theses candles. Made with allies like garnet, rose, willows bark, elderberry and more, this is the portal and the kitchen table where you can call your ancestor forward to now work as a team to help hear what needs to be heard, and heal what needs to be healed. These allies together are a amazing protectors and mediators in this sacred place. Use in fire gazing though the portal or in mediation to meet with your ancestors and make a plan to move forward.


How I fire gaze:


1) Set up sacred space and protections
2) Light the candle and gaze into the flame
3) When called, close your eyes and follow the journey to where it leads you.
4) When complete, follow the flame back fully into body.
5) Thank the guides, messages, and portal your used for their gifts.
6) Snuff out the candle


Made with Soy Wax, garnet, rose, carnation, hawthorn, elder flower, willows bark, and magick.

Ancestors Table Candles

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