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Allspice is an herb for finding unity in the midst of diversity. It is an herb of objectivity, open-mindedness, tolerance, and understanding. But, as with all Fire-dominated herbs, it encourages structure, balance, and governing rules. Allspice is an herb that unites under one cause with one agenda. Strong leadership with strong moral principles, but also empathy and understanding, is required to unite those with differing opinions. 


Ruled by Mars and the Fire Element, Allspice encourages masculine energies and a fiery disposition. It incites courage and strength in the face of adversity. It is also a very protective herb, especially in dangerous situations. It is an herb that will "light a fire within," encouraging virility, motivation, and unwavering persistence. Allspice is an herb of leadership and exemplary action. 


Sold in 3g wieghed.

All Spice

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