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Welcome to the Sacred Sharing Circle

Sacred Sharing Circle (4).png

This is a place to build a community and ask questions to those who are in the spiritual awakening community or wish to help guide and share their knowledge. 


How it works!

Every month we will have online virtual met up and one in person met up at Seven Sisters Ritual Apothecary in London Ontario. Here we will share stories, experiences of what going on in the month and to cover some themes. 

Magick and our paths are all so different but we all intertwine at some point. This is a place for us to meet, experience and touch base from all sections of the world.


This is a safe space to share for only $1 USD per month on Patreon you will get the links and meet up times and dates so that you can stay informed. I will also be posting deals, events, and new products there as well before they go online!

I am honered that you would like to join us.

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